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Hip Pain Ain’t Hip: Top Ways to Find Pain Relief

Many people suffer from hip pain. What are the causes of hip pain and what can hip pain sufferers do to find pain relief? When a patient visits their doctor complaining of hip pain, the physician must review the patient’s age, activity level and build to appropriately diagnosis the cause. “The first thing to do is to make sure the hip pain is actually… Read More
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Tips for Weight Loss during Menopause

Up until their mid-to-late 30s, most women cannot blame their hormones for unexplained weight gain. Once perimenopause and menopause enters the picture, however, hormones including progesterone and estrogen can wreak havoc on a woman’s physique and self-esteem. Formerly taut stomachs become muffin tops spilling over onto formerly well-fitting jeans. Even many women who maintain a healthy lifestyle with regular workouts, who never had a… Read More
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Bodyweight Training Gains Momentum

The American College of Sports Medicine predicts that bodyweight training will be this year’s hottest workout. What is bodyweight training? Wikipedia defines it as “strength training exercises that do not require free weights; as the individual’s own weight provides the resistance for the movement.” Because bodyweight training does not require weights, this can be an ideal workout for people who are… Read More
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