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Top Ways to Reduce Pain and Get ZZZZ’s

The 2015 Sleep in America Poll, conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, found that 21 percent of Americans experience chronic pain and 36 percent have had acute pain in the past week. Those combine to a majority of the nation's adult population, 57 percent, leaving only 43 percent who report being pain-free. The Sleep Foundation reports that “pain is a key factor in the gap between… Read More
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FDA Strengthens Warnings for NSAIDs – What’s a Person in Pain to Do?

Many people take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to relieve their muscle and joint pain. These medications may be particularly effective in conditions in which pain results primarily from inflammation, such as arthritis or athletic injury. Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has provided more safety guidance concerning these over the counter drugs.  General examples of commonly used over-the-counter OTC NSAIDs include ibuprofen and… Read More
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Treating Pain for Active Professionals

Not every employee has a desk job.  Hairdressers, barbers, physical therapists, construction workers, teachers, lumber workers, athletes, teachers, dancers, textile workers and health care workers are just a few examples of professions which require a lot of walking, standing, lifting and bending.  Back pain, arthritis and bursitis are some of the medical issues that these professionals face. Salonpas interviewed acclaimed medical doctors, physical therapist… Read More
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Biofeedback’s Role in Reducing Pain

Does biofeedback therapy reduce pain? Salonpas sat down with Dr. Nancy Just, a psychologist who specializes in pain management to learn more about biofeedback’s role in reducing chronic pain. Dr. Just holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Temple University.  She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Clinical Psychology and holds a Diplomate in Clinical Psychology from the American… Read More
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Running Away the Pounds on a Sugar High: Interview with Salonpas Super User: Phil Patterson Jr.

Is it possible to pick up the “hobby” of running in one’s thirties, forties or beyond?  What happens if this “hobby” becomes an obsession?  Salonpas sat down with 30something Phil Patterson Jr., who picked up the passion for running as a hobby in June 2013. Running quickly became a serious part of his lifestyle with Patterson  losing over ninety pounds, while still drinking soda… Read More
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