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Easing the Pain of Achy Joints

Stiff, achy joints pretty much go hand in hand with aging, but complaints tend to skyrocket right around menopause, according to the North American Menopause Society. Inflammation brought on by hormone changes may be to blame.  Why do both men and women get achy joints as they age?  And why are even younger people sometimes afflicted with the pain of achy joints as well? What… Read More
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The Cost of Pain

The Institute of Medicine of the National Academics reports that about 100 million Americans experience long-lasting pain which is costing the nation at least $635 billion a year in medical bills, sick days and lost productivity.  The annual cost of chronic pain exceeds the yearly costs for cancer, heart disease and diabetes reports health economists from John Hopkins University. More Americans… Read More
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Is Pain Keeping You Away from the Gym?

One month into the New Year, is pain keeping you from your New Year’s exercise resolutions?  Salonpas interviewed leading physical therapists and doctors to learn how to reap the benefits of exercise while minimizing pain.  Determining the reason and source of pain requires a visit to the doctor as reasons vary ranging from arthritis to being on your feet all day. What activities do… Read More
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Role of Nutrition & Exercise with Arthritis

While exercise can help reduce arthritic pain, what exercises are recommended for people with arthritis who experience joint pain?  How can an arthritis sufferer create a work-out that will increase flexibility and reduce inflammation?  Are there nutritional recommendations that can ease the pain of arthritis? The Mayo Clinic reports that “exercise is crucial for people with arthritis as it increases strength… Read More
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Consumers Overuse OTC Pain Pills – Alternative Topical Treatment Overlooked

As reported in a new study, featured on The Today Show,  too many Americans are ignoring the labels on OTC pain medications and that’s leading to serious health problems according to physician and consumer surveys released by the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA). This practice puts people at risk of overdose which can lead to serious side effects such as stomach bleeding, ulcers, liver damage,… Read More
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