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Top Tips to Reduce Hand Pain Due to Smartphone Overuse

With everyone and their mother using smartphones, it is no wonder that hand problems caused by overuse of the thumb have become common. Gamers have struggled with similar pain issues for years. Nintendo's instruction book actually recommends 10 to 15 minutes of rest for every hour of play. As electronic devices become even smaller and acquire more features, they encourage more use and require… Read More
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Managing Migraine Miseries

What are the signs you are having a migraine? What holistic, and OTC options are available for migraine sufferers? What can migraine sufferers do to prevent or reduce their migraines?  More than a basic headache, migraines are a debilitating disorder than can drastically affect the quality of life for sufferers. Salonpas® sat down with two leading wellness authorities to learn more about the mysterious… Read More
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